Dialogue Exercise

file0001286848815This exercise was fun – a married couple is fighting. One wants a divorce. The other doesn’t. Using only dialogue, one has to convince the other to agree. Here goes…

“You’re joking, right?”

No. I’m not joking. I want a divorce.”

“What the fuck? What do you mean, Eve? Where is this coming from?”

“Where do you think, Martin? This is over between us. It’s been dead in the water for months.”

“Dead in the….how the fuck can you say that?”

“Martin, how the fuck can you not see it?  We don’t talk, you hardly come home. You spend more time with your mates than you do with your kids. Are you seeing someone else? See. You can’t even look me straight in the eye.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Eve. What a fucking stupid thing to say. Why are you doing this? What about the kids? You can’t be serious?”

“I’m doing this for the kids. Before this situation ruins them completely.”

“What situation? What is going on in that head of yours? You are talking crazy shit, Eve…just….Eve…just come back. Come here, for God’s sake, sit down and talk to me,”

“I’m done talking. It’s. Just. Pointless.”

“Don’t cry, please…just don’t…come here…”

“Why do you only ever hold me when we fight?”
“I…I dont’ know – you know I’m not good at this shit, Eve. I’m trying,”

“You don’t listen to me, Marty. You never do. Its like you’re in another world. It’s like you’re not even here anymore,”

“Hey – I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I know I’ve been distant. I know it. I just don’t know how to change it. I can’t change it. I’ll figure it out, Eve. Just give me some time. God, don’t go talking about divorce though. We can figure this out, please…I’ll get some help,”

“I’ve heard it before, Marty,”

“Well, I’m saying it again. I will. I’ll go and see someone…figure it out…”

“How can I trust you?”

“I promise. I do. I promise this time. No more talk about splitting up, hey?”

“One more chance, Marty. That’s it…”

“I promise, Evie. I’ll sort it…”


One thought on “Dialogue Exercise

  1. Just love it Lynn. Being a divorcee, remarried happily now. It just makes you think how it all starts. Thank you for the evesdrop. I hope Marty and Evie stay married if that’s what they want. Funny how I feel like you’ve introduced friends to us. Well done.



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