Discipline, have I none…?


It’s nearing the end of winter, and the morning light is creeping in under the curtain earlier than ever. The nasty chill has gone from the morning air and I’m woken by the gentle tapping of the muse. Sometimes, I follow her through the semi darkness to my desk, and I sit and the words flow. It is heaven. Sometimes, not. And this is where discipline comes into it all.

There are mornings I wake with ample time to visit the page but I don’t. I turn over, I daydream, I create the most elaborate excuses to not haul myself out of bed. Why, oh why do I do this?  I’m a huge fan of neuroplasticity. I recently read a great article that outlined ways to change behaviours in order to create healthy new habits. The first of these was setting an intention. It’s hard to believe that something this simple could program your brain for success. But it works. And it eventually transforms itself into this thing called “discipline”.

I’m turning up to the page. One word at a time, the story unfolds. I wrestle the fatigue of full time work and do what I have to, to battle the tiredness of a crazy work day. Because when those black marks fill up that white space, very little else makes me as happy.


2 thoughts on “Discipline, have I none…?

  1. So good to read you Lynn. Funny how life works at times. I understand what you are saying about discipline full on. 🙂 I just finished reading the first and second chapter of the book Making your life as an artist. It is a read suggested by Sarah on her blog here is the link: http://www.sarahselecky.com/2014/manifestos/ You probably have seen it, but if not. Check it out, it is very interesting. The comparison of an arstits work with a scientist’s. Wow, I just love it. Have a beautiful day Lynn. We are nearing our summer here, another interesting thing about our world. Keep safe and creative. Peggyxo


    1. Hi Peggy – great to hear from you! I fell off the grid there for a bit – overwhelmed by work, and learning a new job. Happy to be back in the saddle again. Hope your writing is going well. x


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