Getting there…


I’m officially a quarter of the way to my goal of 60,000 words. There has been a lot of trial and error finding a routine that I can squeeze in around working full time but I think I finally have found a way to move the story forward on a daily basis. I struggle so much between writing long hand or writing straight to the computer. When time is against me, the time it takes to decipher handwritten scribblings can be nothing short of painful to me at the end of a day when I am already tired and lacking focus. The thing is, I love that organic process of writing by hand. Of just letting my thoughts dribble down my arm to my fingers and then on to the page.

The past couple of weeks I have spent my lunch break writing by hand into my notebook. At night, I have been writing it up, and shaping the story as I go. I’ve also experimented with just writing straight onto my iPad and then copying and pasting this into the story when I get home. It is much quicker and easier but to be honest, it’s bogging me down creatively.

There is something about writing to paper that I love. And having worked both ways of late, I know now that convenience and speed isn’t going to give me the story I want to tell. And I feel it in the telling. It’s just not the same. So for now, it’s back to paper and pen and long nights deciphering lunchtime scrawl. And I’m actually kinda glad…


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