The Last Day of Autumn 2015

This week I enrolled in the Australian Writers Centre online Anatomy of a Crime – How to Write About Murder e-course and I completed the first module last night. I have to say, crime isn’t usually my thing and it’s been interesting even with the little research I did last night for the course, just how uncomfortable I am delving into the whole murder thing.  As I read through some of the examples and watched some of the You Tube footage on serial killing, I had one of those “I don’t want to watch but I can’t look away” reactions. What draws me in is not the end product, as in the crime but more so the psychology behind why the perpetrator commits the offence.

I’m about to embark on the first writing exercise and I think my discomfort is a good thing.I’m reaching beyond my comfort zone. It’s a complete polar swing from writing children’s stories but I’m curious to see what comes out of me. I’m keen to explore other writing spaces I’ve never dabbled in before. Who knows what will transpire? It’s part of the never ending learning curve.

Here’s the link to the course – see what you think…I have to say – I’m more than intrigued already…

It’s  been a big “Lists” weekend. I had a four page list to chew through and managed to get about three quarters done. I LOVE lists. I get so much more done with a list opposed to having it all rattling around in my brain.

samsleepinMoo on bed

There’s been lots of reading and hanging out with the “kids” and a little bit of dabbling with some paints – enter Lovely Fox posed up above. I do believe her name could be Fifi. Dabbled in some herb planting ready for winter cooking and generally had an all round great weekend.



9780143572381(1)On the reading front – I started reading Fiona McIntosh’s new book ‘How to Write Your Block Buster’. It’s such an interesting read and I’m learning so much and changing my ways already. Discipline Rules! My Books to Read pile is ever expanding, so I am grateful for the colder nights we are beginning to have that beg me to head to bed earlier to settle in for a good read. Winter is upon us and I am happy.


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