The light at the end of the tunnel…


It’s been almost a year since I’ve been here. In reading my last post, I  feel the grief of losing my little mate surface again. It never seems to go, and I’m still learning to navigate around it. Some think grieving is good for creativity. Or is creativity meant to be good for grieving? Either way, when I lost that little dog on a blue moon, almost a year ago – something drained my creativity tanks and I was left running on empty.

For the past year, I wrote to save my life. I found a journalling course on line and for six weeks that course flushed many a demon from inside me. By the end of it, I wasn’t whole but I was healing. There’s much to be said for spilling your guts on paper. I’m still doing it and it’s still having the same cathartic effect. It frees up the real estate inside me and makes room for the good stuff to flow in.

It’s like finding a safe zone where no one else may enter. A place where I can say and be whoever I please and judgement is checked at the door, unwelcome and uninvited. I’ve journaled for most of the  year. It’s become part of my life. Something I crave, now  I know of its medicinal value.

But it wasn’t just words that patched my heart. A while back I was invited to a five day illustration challenge on Facebook. I accepted. By the end of the five days, something had shifted. The more I painted, the brighter the world looked. At the end of the five days, I couldn’t stop.

I created my own alphabet challenge. 26 letters, 26 illustrations.  One a day. A discipline. Today, I am half way through my second alphabet challenge, and it’s still addictive. It’s a safe place for me to experiment – try new techniques and if nothing else – to practise like a mad thing. And it’s creating a new body of work with each challenge.

The more art I make, the better I feel. It’s like coming up for air,  knowing all is well in my world. There’s so many challenges ahead. I’m taking a deep, deep breath and chasing them down. I’ll share it all here…

There’s a big beautiful light at the end of the tunnel…I’m ready to explore.




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